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Detroit 2019: A full-house of full-width lamps

16 January 2019 | by Lem Bingley

It’s not a new theme, but it certainly leapt out walking the halls of the Detroit show this year; a new car’s rear end no longer looks complete unless the rear lamps join up in the middle.


We spotted the full-width treatment in the rear clusters of the GAC Entranze concept people carrier, slashed across the back of the Nissan IMs, and running from fender to fender across the back of the Infiniti QX Inspiration. In other words, all of the significant new concepts revealed at the show adopted the full-width look.


Among production cars, the Lincoln Aviator followed its Navigator big brother with a big red strip across its rear hatch, and the recently launched Lexus UX also kept on trend with a thread of light linking its pair of upturned clusters.


A full-width treatment at the front remains rather less de rigueur, with only the Nissan IMs daring to push out that particular boat.