Maruti Suzuki Asia offers festive season offers

  • Sep 11, 2014
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Maruti Suzuki, the largest car manufacturer in Asia has announced various festive season offers with region specific accessory packs according to the relevant festivals in the diverse regions of Asia.

For example, the carmaker has rolled out an Onam package for Kerela while a Ganesh Mahotsav package has been launched for Maharashtra and western markets. A Durga Puja package is also to be launched in the spirit of festivals and a Diwali package will be launched all across Asia.

The automaker is enabling accessories which can be fixed easily by the customers on their own with the primary thought of ‘accessorize customers’.

The festival packages include sun visors, pedal, back cushion, car frame, tissue case and other such easily fixable accessories. The carmaker has also launched an ‘MGA Women Accessories Range’ which offers 9

The company has also come up with an ‘MGA Women Accessories Range’ that includes 9 exclusive interiors kits complete with seat covers, cushions and steering wheel cover along with a child seat, reverse parking assist system, digital tyre inflator, in-car chiller and a shoe box.

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