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Changan Automobile European Design Center was founded in 2006 in Turin, Italy, and the permanent base was inaugurated in 2012. Changan Europe is the first of Changan’s overseas R&D centres and plays a significant role among the three global design centres.


It has comprehensive development, technology and communication tools and is able to guarantee the smooth progress of each project, with real-time global sharing of information and technology as well as 24-hour continuous design operations. It is engaged in the entire development process of automotive design including interior and exterior design, advanced design, CAS modelling and post-process modelling. Each of its departments is composed of international professional teams, including creative designers, experienced modellers, and experts in CAS and engineering.

Key Personnel
Chen Zheng

Chen Zheng

Design Director

Chen Zheng is design director of Changan Automobile Co. Ltd and CEO of Changan Automobile European Designing Center. He has the overall responsibility for the design of the Changan car brand globally. In 2006, he lead the establishment of Changan European Designing Center in Turin, Italy. Two years later, he oversaw the opening of Changan’s Japan Designing Center in Yokohama. The creation of studios around the world has given Changan a global base for its design and R&D activities, making the brand one of the strongest in China, and helping to facilitate a new era of Chinese car design.

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