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In Print

Print isn't dead. In fact, print is flourishing at Car Design News, with a range of beautifully-produced publications which offer a unique view of the world of car design. Recent publications designed and produced by CDN include:

Interior Motives 

Interior Motives CoverA quarterly magazine which contains extended reports of arguably the most challenging aspect of automotive design – the interior. 

Typically focusing on six cars each issue, either concept or production, the magazine features extensive use of graphics and lavish production values to show the development journey from inspiration to completion. Interior Motives circulates worldwide. 

Subscribe to the magazine alone, or get a discount by combining it with your subscription to CDN. A tablet-only subscription is available via the App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire.

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Special OEM editions 

Bespoke books and magazines which explore the design philosophies of specific OEMs are produced periodically, and circulated to a unique database of senior design professionals around the world.

That circulation list can be targeted to achieve the purpose of the publication – for instance, some magazines are produced to help to recruit talented young designers, in which case the circulation can include design schools. 

These books and magazines are designed in collaboration with the design departments at the OEMs and can cover individual cars or concepts, the studios, people, history and future direction of the design department.

Avto9245 visits the client's studios with specialist photographers and writers to understand and document the philosophy and practise of design.

Recent examples include:


Daimler 2018 - Global Travel Log, Gorden Wagener. Hardback book.

Geely cropped.jpeg

Geely 2017 - Geely Design magazine.


Honda 2017 - Honda Design magazine.


Michelin 2017 - Michelin Design Challenge, Le Mans 2030, hardback book.

VOLVO S90.jpg

Volvo 2016 - Volvo S90 magazine


Nissan 2015 - Nissan Design magazine.


Infiniti 2015 - Infiniti Design magazine.

Car Design Review

CDN also produces an annual review book of the concept and production cars released each year. The book features senior design directors as judges, who explain their design philosophy in exclusive interviews illustrated with specially commissioned photo shoots, and choose their favourite concept and production cars of the year. Their scores are amalgamated to pick a winner for each category, and a highly prized award is given to the winning car maker at our annual Car Design Night in Geneva. Each year we also choose a great industry figure to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2017, this was GM’s legendary VP of Design Wayne Cherry, whose work was explored in a beautiful, long-form feature.

CDR5 cropped.jpg

Car Design Review also covers the major automotive trends of the year and is a highly collectable, limited edition hardback annual which beautifully summarises the year in car design.

Car Design Review 1, 160pp, published March 2014            Sold out

Car Design Review 2, 184pp  published March 2015         

Car Design Review 3, 192pp  published March 2016         

Car Design Review 4, 192pp  published March 2017            Sold out    

Car Design Review 5, 192pp  published March 2018