Bentley EXP 100’s designers reveal early inspirations

EXP 100 GT - 9th July - with Sielaff

As Bentley celebrated its 100-year anniversary on July 10th 2019 with a stunning concept car unveil at its Crewe, UK HQ, Avto9245 was there to talk to its key designers

“This is more than just a styling exercise, it’s actually a company brand manifesto,” Brett Boydell, head of Bentley interior design told Avto9245 at the global reveal of the EXP 100 made to crown a century of the luxury British motoring marque’s history.

The 5.8-metre long, 2.4-metre wide GT offers two-to-four seats, depending on configuration, and reimagines a Grand Tourer in circa 2035 as an emission-free electric vehicle with in-wheel motors, optional autonomy, and ethical luxury as standard (including upcycled ancient wood within the cabin).

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