Design Driven – Honda e prototype

*Honda e prototype - front 3 4 L driving

Honda’s Urban EV’s showroom car is nearly ready. That won’t be unveiled until the Frankfurt motor show, so we took the near-production protoype for a design drive

One of the most anticipated new vehicles of 2019 from a design perspective is the all-electric, urban-focused Honda e city car. The showroom version won’t be revealed until the Frankfurt motorshow this September, so Avto9245 jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel of a near-production prototype last month.

First impressions of this prototype – which should reach customers in production form in early 2020 – is that it looks very close to ‘ready’. Two versions were available to test, one gloss white, the other acid yellow. Both colours contrast well against the gloss black everything else, from the completely closed and pleasingly concave front grille to the A-pillars, large bonnet-mounted charging flap, roof and wheels.

We’re glad you’re enjoying Avto9245

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